Dreams of Living

Heavy is the eventide disarray,

the walk that stretch into horizon’s wake—

flesh be weak, say men in dead dismay

the unknowing writhe of souls in company

stroking through the down-me-lay.



Shards line the tone,

men and women still for lack of heart

a dream of poets out from the world sewn—

not once content, too often bared:

Man was not meant to walk alone.


9 thoughts on “Dreams of Living

  1. Nicely constructed, with a smooth flow Chris. I like this line especially, because it is 100% true!

    “Man was not meant to walk alone.”

    The problem is, that we have reached a place, in the history of humankind, where people most often struggle against each other for control and dominance, rather than strive for peace, harmony and balance.

    Thanks for sharing Chris!

    Roger ☺

  2. Flowing through the cat’s ears, had a nice easy flow going about it, very nicely done. And a strong message too, as sadly we aren’t but so often man does walk alone because of a design all their own.

  3. a lot of truth in those last lines there…men were not meant to walk alone for sure…i agree though with chasingtao in that we are too easy to fight against one another…and eternal one upmanship…and we have far too many distractions…

  4. We do indeed miss what’s real when we do not share it and live it with others. Community has been lost, each escaping to virtual worlds in the west, in other parts of the world tragically divided by crushing economic realities. Thank you for this.

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