There is a childhood dream,

begun and ended on an actor’s note—

that hope of independence played upon a stage,

oft slain on the broken back of mortality’s rage;

we tell ourselves the masks new lives wrote,

but we’re all just variations on a theme.

13 thoughts on “Theatrics

  1. but we’re all just variations on a theme…dang chris…and of course we want to be real and unique and special and not just actors but producers…

  2. Most definitely-but as Shakespeare said, some themes can’t be staled by time or custom in their infinite variety. A backhanded look at self and other that shines some light on the grey area of perspective.

  3. A lot to ponder in this piece Chris. A timely read for me as I just came from the cinema. I watched a wonderful little film called Hunky Dory, set in a Welsh secondary school in the late seventies, where the progressive drama teacher is trying to put on a musical version of The Tempest complete with Bowie songs. Anything is possible, the key is to ignore those who only speak of the impossible.

  4. such a perfect note to end the sentiment in this…”variations on a theme” I find that to be very poetic and inspiring in thought. wonderful! ~ Rose

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