7 thoughts on “Destiny

  1. Hi Chris, I adore the simplicity of your words, its in that grace they leave a great impact. This piece is no exception to that. The notion of momentary destiny and outlook speaks so sweetly to me. Hope you are well my friend, send you my best! ~ Rose

  2. I’ve read this four times and have concluded I need to hear you read it.
    There are multiple things that occur to me depending on how the lines enjamb. If I take your punctuation as a guide, and I do; it seems you are coming to a realization perhaps as you walk, that a statue you pass regularly without notice, perhaps Lincoln, or Jefferson, or Picasso was addressed (in your hearing [real or imagined] by a stranger, a tourist which transformed your idea of that “great man” ‘s art, or philosophy. And by doing so that question changed you.

    But I wouldn’t mind being edified by your interpretation if you choose.

    • Well I will give you this…neither the statue or “stoned depression” were literal. This piece was a realization, but one borne more of internal contemplation than external. The statue–something of a commentary on the routine, the the isolation of the self. It was a poem written from a dark place, honestly, quipping at certain aspects of the world and myself alike…but I always like to see what others draw from such things. I rarely like rambling on about how a piece came to pass, or my own interpretations…takes something out of it, I think.

      Also: if I can find a moment this weekend, perhaps I can do up a short audio of it. 🙂 Thanks for the engaging comment, Gay.

  3. read this a few times and already had a hint from your tags that you’re not really talking about statues – but now i have the big advantage of reading your comment.. this goes deep and think i have to give it another read to really grab it..

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