Poetic Memes

Not mine, but all of ours in the poetic corner of the blogosphere, in its way.

“I’m a drinker with writing problems.” ~Brendan Behan

Yes, that’s right, you’ve seen these memes stalking facebook for days. Now you have one too, poets. You didn’t think the internet would forget about you did you?

Let’s be honest: the cat’s has a point. You’re not seeing too much of the poet locking himself away in the woods for months on end to tap into the secrets of nature these days. And given how many poems these days flare up on the societal or political topic, I’ve no doubt more than a few began with that glittering box we call the TV.

Aren’t the changing times fun?

Although also acceptable would have been said cat with  lounging in the grass of a backyard, staring at the skyline. Beer still mandatory, of course.


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