Lacquer me a home.

Bind me the straps of soul

in cardboard disarray;

slip the demon under feathered lies,

mask the beast of flesh

men dare to call a world.

Hide the soil of me.

Hide from the weathered light

we drink.

Solace is the space between.


12 thoughts on “Between

  1. AS always Chris, reading your poems once is just a tease to read them again–too good and too savory to gobble in one gulp. I like the darkness here(a bit like Crane–great feature yesterday in P&BF) and the shadows that make solace necessary.

    • I was worried it was coming out as too preachy of a poem…too direct, so I am quite glad you like how it came out. And as to Crane, my friend, ah yes, he is a wonder of a poet…crafted some truly wonderful words, he did, and helped chisel off a lot of old boundaries in the art. Thought it was about time to bring him out!

  2. melted into the lead line…wow I say. didn’t think I could get deeper until I hit the end..perfectly executed depth to this. Hope you are well, send you my best ~ Rose

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