To lie in Auburn Summer

Dawn-lit lovers tell of Indian summers,

the name and shape of which are lost

to caresses of cabaret visions,

the Auburn night that host

beach-born indecision,

the look that chains that sky unto the post

between grains of fleshed collusion–

she sings still in toast,

to the figure of our delusion.


18 thoughts on “To lie in Auburn Summer

  1. Your romantic romp is smooth as 50
    year old bourbon, and we find ourselves
    first seduced, then becoming voyeurs
    just before we glimpse the truth about
    lust, regardless of how poetic it seemed
    at the time.

    • A touch of eroticism, a smooth flutter through memory mingled with the misfortune of disappointment…love always coincides in these memories, as sad as the end may be. Glad you enjoyed!

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