17 thoughts on “Worldly Truths

  1. And the little differences can say a lot, or mean nothing…gentle flow to this that builds a clean and sharp picture of a unified Spirit pervading all things. Or well, that’s what I see. Liked it much.

  2. This made me stop and take a deep breath and have a little think Chris, I like it when a poem does that.

    Shadows of mountains
    paint Divinity,
    smooth flesh to mere

    Simply stunning words and images in these four lines alone.

  3. This evening I’m spending in the shadow of Mt.Whitney on the way to the desert and this is the perfect poem to read. I can look out the window at the craggy shadows as the sun sets. We are lucky to be in areas where we can enjoy their beauty.

  4. “little difference between souls” … I so agree with this… but it’s the choices we make that make us so different sometimes from one another.

    Beautiful poem!


  5. Little differences yet vast as we are each unique. This is wonderful You have infused great truth and immense depth into a concise poem that flows gently when read out loud.

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