Regurgitated lives lie between us

gray puddles reflecting

open air—

watered sounds,

reticent ripples rearing

wanderlust eyes, consumed in flesh.

* Busy week indeed – my first attempt at poetry since the book hit e-reader publication last week. Since then, of course, things have only gotten more hectic. Launched a Facebook page for proper social media marketing, the book’s now hit print, and we’re waiting on reviewers from across the board. Between all that, the mind’s been quite boggled, and it’s been a challenge to find time just to sit down and write, let alone to give the mind over to the purely poetic. Thankfully, camping this weekend helped retrieve a bit of my sanity, and garnered more than a few pages of new writing.

Darker piece this week, and shorter, to be sure, but I hope you enjoy all the same. As ever – critiques and comments welcome!

30 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. goodness chris..i had no idea what Regurgitated meant…had to look it up..and then everything made sense..ouch…hurts..somehow made me think of forest gump when he started his long run after his world broke apart..

    • Certainly not the most pleasant of words, or sights, now is it? Indeed…not one of my brighter-slice-of-life pieces. Forest Gump though, hm? Now there’s a comparison I hadn’t expect…interesting.

  2. Magic, as always, Chris!
    I will say that I read the first line of your commentary after the poem as your “first attempt at poultry “and had to take a wee moment of consternation before my brain fixed itself.

  3. regurgitated lives…what a vivid opening…paired to with lies and its double meaning…together and wanderlust are a hard mix unless you both got it…continued success with the book man…

  4. Excellent image–oh how we love to spit up our lives for our lovers–and how all that emotional slop ends up as a puddle, from which we look up amazed anyone still is sticking around. Or not–just my reading. Glad you found time to fit this in in your week of insanity.

    • Oh the lie was very much intentional…it’s what people get out of it that intrigues me. Glad you enjoyed, and glad that stuck out to you. Plus, thanks for the Facebook like – support like that means the world.

    • I’d go insane without a little poetry time I think. That, like all writing, is an outlet, a passion…it relaxes, much in contrast to marketing and its like. Thanks!

  5. Hmmm-I almost sense a little Jim Morrison in here, without the self-indulgence. Strong imagery in a minimum of lines. This really distills the voice. Congratulations on being so busy!

  6. Chris…this is fantastic! Know all too well the state of mind, and if you need an extra set of hands with anything…you got them! Loving the read, and must have a print copy as well! You are gifted, brother poet/storyteller, and this short, fierce little read is just more proof of your greatness…oh dear, gush much? lol Congratulations again!

    • You are too kind, my friend. Make this fellow get all blushed in the face and whatnot with talk like that! Not sure what I could do with an extra set of hands at the moment, aside from asking them to help spread the word, but you’ve already been kind enough to do such a shout out, so I could ask for no more. Well, maybe a review once you’re done, but that might be greedy ;).

      Thank you!

  7. I couldn’t believe it when I read regurgitated… just tonight someone threw up at my middle son’s Christmas program… all over the other kids. There were puddles and sounds…

    On a lighter note, congratulations!!

    • Varies for me, but the muse beckoned toward the darker side of things today, and thus that is what came. Glad you liked it – always a pleasure when you stop through, my friend. And do let me know if The River ever needs any more photos in the future!

    • Thank you, sir! I hope you enjoy the read – I must confess I am curious as to how fast Amazon’s shipping is overseas. Sounds about the time it would take for anyone at home to get the book too, based on the shipping times they tell me. C’est la vie. All the best, Ross!

  8. beautifully crafted. I think the brevity works well in this piece.

    these two lines really standout for me–

    “reticent ripples rearing

    wanderlust eyes, consumed in flesh.”

    fantastic alliteration.

  9. Chris this has almost a taste it is so grabbing. It ties the tongue and mind in knots in a beautiful way. Love to read this aloud! Congrats again on the book, have it on my to get list! All my best to you! ~ Rose

  10. Wow, your life sounds crazy at the moment. I hope you find a bit of time to relax somewhere among all the hectic obligation and must-do.

    Love this line: “Regurgitated lives lie between us” … incredible imagery

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