Ticking down to Publication…

Drink it in. Then take that image, and apply it to the roads. Less fun.

Hello all. Hope the weekend’s treated you well.

The mountains have apparently taken it upon themselves to shower us lowlanders (relative term in Colorado to be sure) with an icy layer of the fluffy white stuff, but other than the plummeting temperatures, I must say it has been a most relaxing weekend. Not restful, but relaxing. Restful, after all, would imply sleep – and as all writers and journalists should know, that’s pretty much the long lost ambrosia. Coffee, however, makes a good substitute. College sorts will tell you Red Bull constitutes a solid counter-option. Laugh at them. Most heartily.

To the point, however, it’s a big night here at my little den. Much like the ball drop on New Years Eve, we’re counting down the hours now until The Hollow March‘s debut. Tomorrow the e-book editions go live (barring any fumbling actions from any of the sites in question – see less laughing, and more scowling, if that be the case), to be followed several days later by the print editions.

Hope to see you at the launch! I’ll undoubtedly be posting another of these cheery little bits come tomorrow, though – so watch out, or stay tuned, as you will.

In the meanwhile, I’ll continue to stress over the concept of someone, somewhere, on some planet (e-books, they know no bounds) finding a typo therein. That, or I’ll indulge in a celebratory drink.

Hindsight: not really much of a question between the two, now is it?

P.S. And come check us out on Facebook, where you can show your support by “liking” The Hollow March! We try not to bite. Usually.


3 thoughts on “Ticking down to Publication…

  1. Congratulations! Sounds exciting. I just know that when our book first goes live I’m going to be worrying my little head off about the same darn thing. Where is that one typo that everyone missed!? Yikes!!

    • It’s like a sadistic game of Where’s Waldo. We’re going to feel silly when it’s pointed out, because it was “so obvious,” no matter how many people we had look-through and miss it too…plus, I think it’s in the blood to be a little self-conscious about one’s work.

      And thank you! I see from your blog that you’re a fantasy sort as well, eh? Good to make your acquaintance.

  2. Good luck! Typos are like the first ding in a new car. Inevitable but in the big scheme of things not worth worrying over. Don’t lose any sleep…

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