Conquerors’ Dreams

In frost springs the fall,

fleet-footed hunter dancing

through valleys yoked and fair.

The little one, sheltering in shade

breathes only darkness

where the shoe once fell.

Dreams of the day

he’ll tell the little children,

when men conquered mountains.


17 thoughts on “Conquerors’ Dreams

  1. I love the sense of a mystical force somewhere in this, of a myth or a tale;beyond that I love the pure music of the words and the way they fall together in little blocks, like steps leading up to the moon. Great writing, Chris.

  2. Only nine lines and you’ve created an otherworldly portrait here. Great vocabulary an imagination. This is very arresting from the first. Your emotional content is spread throughout, not just in one or two great lines. Very nice writing here.

  3. Image is stunning, I just love to gaze. The words equally so, you bring in the expression of man and environment with simple eloquence. Really lovely my friend, hope you are well! ~ Rose

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