One more night

Jacob's Dream, by Adam Elsheimer. Image care of Wikimedia Commons.

Child wakes

the deep dark drink


lost somewhere between

the closet and the sheets,

mother’s cries no assurance

to the ones that can still see.

Only bears might be knights

to ward reality another night;

only dolls might soothe the tears

of time’s inevitable drum.

One more night, they cry,

and the pillow does oblige.

* After the theme of imagination I laid out yesterday, I thought it only appropriate to offer up a poem to it too. It is a precious gift, mankind was given. A tragic fact that it is too often lost as the child drifts into adulthood…

36 thoughts on “One more night

  1. here here We are to put away “childish things” but no mention of child-like awareness. When I hit the pillow tonight I will thank God for the children around me and the child within me.

  2. “…time’s inevitable drum”
    Oh that we could stop time or turn back the clock. To see the world through a child’s eyes is truly a gift. Nicely penned, thanks for sharing this.

    • They see the world in ways, and see things in the world, few “developed” sorts could fathom. There is a reason, I do believe, they call it “the magic” of youth. It may not be all roses and sunshine, but the capacity in those young minds? Astounding.

  3. Such a sweet beautiful poem. I loved your phrasing–the pillow does oblige; lost somewhere between the closet and the sheets; really lovely. K.

    • Well of course…experience has taught us their silly little worlds couldn’t possibly be viable, hasn’t it? No need to coddle or embrace the creativity now… Thank you, and yes, it truly is a shame so much of adulthood seems to be based on grinding out that imaginative spark out of us.

  4. I love this as I anticipate my first grandson. It is my goal, as much as possible, to preserve what he is born with, out of that deep womb of that deep dark drinketernity.

    • Congratulations on the grandson front! A truly magical time in its own right – and I’m sure he’s in good hands; hopefully that creativity will only keep blooming with time.

  5. Chris…this is wonderful! Even without the commentary, your intent is so perfectly clear. I’ve been scrambling to free my own for years. Amazing what we are willing to let go of as we “mature”. Love the image you chose as well.

    • And a marvelous job you’ve done of doing so, Natasha. Creativity’s always yearning to get free, but personally, I’ve always gone with Jack London’s take on the matter: “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

  6. Perfect picture of the child’s mind here, Chris–and I agree, we need to hang on to it to see the world the way it really is, as well as the way only a child can imagine it. “Only bears might be knights/ to ward reality another night;” Love that.

  7. Well you certainly used such an imaginative way to discuss the presence or lack of, within imagination. You have done so well layering in the childlike perspectives with a very, grown, time has been lost emotion. Lovey write Chris, thank you for your always kind words on my work, truly appreciate knowing and sharing poetry with you. ❤ ~ Rose

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