Shadowed longing stretch

beyond the holes that tripped us.

Destiny, always said to glitter,

blinds the ones that know,

stumbles the ones that reach,

damns the ones who care–

in Autumn colors ride our fall,

blue skies sapped in the browning rush

to victory.

Would that someone said before the journey,

her plains are not a prize

but a path best


before the setting of our day.

20 thoughts on “Learning

  1. Your poetry always does so much with that minmal scalpel of words you weild so well–cutting to the core, yet never bare always ornamented with insight and grace in your language…this is a take on learning that is unique and living. Much enjoyed.

    ‘,,,damns the ones who care…’ indeed.

  2. her plains are not a prize

    but a path best


    nice encapsualtion there chris. really like this fresh way of saying it…also like the stumbles the ones that reach and damning the ones that care…very nice…

  3. Chris we’re leaning in the same directions these days. I, too, am trying to pare and minimize within forms and without; shape my voice to be clear, simple and precise. Very difficult for a wordy person. You were always a minimalist but each poem improves as you invest each word with multiple meanings and poetic layering. Excellent.

    • Different connotations to the names, I suppose. We often make the one that shiny beacon beckoning on adventure and invention, that great and promising unknown, whereas fate we seem to apply as something of a slow fall, a creeping dread of looming tasks, and horrors we can do nothing against.

      Just a thought. Thank you for the kind words!

  4. Is it just me, or is this about aging? Well, I am a little obsessed with that lately. The lines are good, and I especially like blue skies sapped in the browning rush, which so perfectly describes the dry leaves that blow across our yard.

    I wonder if you and I have met, and I don’t just mean at my blog (thanks). I am the adviser in the English department at MSU. I don’t think you were an ENG major, but you seem familiar. Anyway, cool to connect in blogland!

    • *blinks* Ruth Mowry? Why yes, actually we have met. I visited you once when I was an English major during the wee years of college, before I switched over to Journalism. Pleasure to re-make your acquaintance, and a pleasure to have you with us at dVerse! Didn’t expect to stumble upon you here, in this humble corner of the blogosphere – but I suppose the world is sometimes smaller than we think.

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