27 thoughts on “Freedom Fall

    • Raine? No, I must say I’m not familiar with her work.

      At present, my readings are all across the board – domestic, international; ancient to modern and back again. I never really know quite what will strike my fancy on a given day.

      As for what got the poetic fancies started…honestly, I think it was probably either Poe or Frost. They are the earliest poets I recall reading, and from there, it was a love that just wouldn’t quit. How about yourself?

      • ‘Into what pattern, into what music have the spheres whirled us,
        Of travelling light upon spindles of the stars wound us…’
        There’s some Kathleen Raine for you… very spiritual, very nature-bound. Blake-ish I suppose.
        Poe I am not too familiar with – Frost – yes yes and yes! I think he has influenced me in my simplicity.
        I like the clarity that lyricism provides, when you can hear, really hear the music, the beat, even the rhyme. One gets criticised for rhyme nowadays, but what is poetry to a child but rhyme? And what is childhood if not the beginnings, the source, of all language?
        I like the Sufi imagery of Rumi, and the wit of Emily Dickinson, but I also need the African-American and Latina voices of Maya Angelou and Sandra Cisneros. Not to mention the Palestinian – Suheir Hammad, Naomi Shihab Nye.. as you say, everything, all at once. Aren’t we lucky?

  1. Once again giving flight as you explore the dVerse shores, just don’t come close to the cat, he may attack..haha…great verse for the vat of creativity, like that too.

  2. So much intense vision from so few words…… You are really a master of that Chris…….. I truly believe that a poem is about its subject, not itself. Your poem “Freedom Fall” is a shining example of that. It is totally, completely and 100% about that bird floating in the wind and that is exactly where it took me just now……. Very well crafted, you are very talented Chris.

  3. some really nice lines in there…the last two i find interesting…the pull up…the horn, the fall change this for me…it made me think of a car really and an abrupt end to that flight…

  4. The terse nature of this piece manages to capture the atmosphere of the season – all that may be felt as one leaf falls.

  5. Dawn stirred? How about we all take turns shouting back our favorite lines and phrases…no better way to know you’ve penned a wonderful write. Beautiful work!

  6. there is something very peaceful (and for my state of mind hopeful) in your words. i, myself, have been quite absorbed by the idea of walls lately and the desire to break free so while i did indeed like the lines “The wind / knows you,” i found myself more drawn in by “sings salvation / walls contain.”

    a beautiful write.

    • Thanks! it’s always nice to see, as Natasha noted, when a particular piece of a work speaks to or entrances a person…I’m glad you could draw something hopeful from it; I think we all have walls to break from and spread our wings against, from time to time.

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