“The Child’s Cry”

It’s just one of those weeks. Good turn of phrase, and one we’ve all heard before, I’m sure – but usually, we mean it in a bad way. It’s just one of those weeks. You know. The kind we don’t talk about, so we get all vague and shy.

Preview Image Lorelei Signal Attached alongside "The Child's Cry." ©Wolfsinger Publications and all that good stuff of course.

Well, let me just say it is not one of those weeks – at the Waking Den, it’s one of those rarer weeks for writers, the kind where people could walk right up to you and kick you in the shins, and you’d still be smiling. As you may recall, earlier this week I gave the official announcement of my upcoming book, “The Hollow March” (two months, tell your friends, ho ho ho). As if entering into the kick-off for a trilogy that’s been kicking around my own wacky little brain for years now wasn’t good enough, though, this week also marked my first short story publication.

It’s a strange feeling to see one’s work set to print before their eyes, I must say, but “The Child’s Cry” overcame its hurdles (which includes several other magazine rejections, mind you) to be published in the lovely magazine Lorelei Signal, a literary magazine under the guidance of Wolfsinger Publications. Thanks to Carol Hightshoe for taking the time to read and consider it – and to ultimately give it the green light. You can see the blurb, and order a copy of the current issue at: http://www.loreleisignal.com/. Please do – the more people who buy, the more goes to help maintain both this lovely magazine, and the talented writers within!

“The Child’s Cry” is a fantasy short (shocking, right?) set in the same world as my upcoming novel, and in fact, revolves around one of the characters therein. To sum: “When a lord’s young daughter is kidnapped and her guards murdered, a tenacious woman delves into the forest depths in search of blood and salvation.” The “tenacious woman” title goes to a ranger named Roswitte, who, while in a highly undesirable position, works to show that expectation doesn’t always match reality. It’s an adventure piece, though it seeks to also temper fantasy with a touch of reality – notably the reality of gender and social woes in such medieval settings.

Mouthful, that, but I do hope you enjoy. Plus, look at that picture they put up alongside it – isn’t that just lovely?

But to give you a better sampling, here’s a few words from the work itself:

At times it was difficult to attach purpose to life. Assal, they said, held purpose in all things though man might never know it. All were a part of the cycle, and the cycle was in all things. Simple enough. Yet life never seemed terribly simple, even for the simple.

Looking back, Roswitte thought, she might have found a new sense of salvation in the simplicity of those hours long gone. Yet they were naught but memories, perceptions of what was—never what actually came to pass. Then, she had been complaining of what she did not have. Now she was complaining of what she did. Life was a terrible mess. Would that the alternative were any better, and if the people at her feet were any indication, it wasn’t.

Picking over the bodies for a second time, she tried to make sense of what had happened. It was a damn sight beyond her usual duties to venison and poachers.

I also received word from another magazine (keeping that a touch hush-hush till I hear more of course) that another work may also see the light of publication with the dawning of the new month…fingers crossed, there.

Oh, and being a sort with a good sense of humor…I’ve of course made arrangements to tack up the first rejection letter I got for “The Child’s Cry” on my wall as well. You know – to bring a smile whenever I reflect. As writers, it’s the little things we must draw strength from, no?


2 thoughts on ““The Child’s Cry”

  1. I can’t wait to read it — also, thanks for the heads up about the magazine. I did some hunting around, and my short story might just be able to find a home there. It would be my first real attempt at publication. I’m going to look into it a little more and see if my world would fit into their description of fantasy.

    I noticed that yours was chosen as the exclusive print story for this issue. That’s incredibly awesome. I was going to go ahead and order the issue, but it doesn’t look like it’s available yet. I’ll keep on the lookout for it.

    • Oh? How curious…I could have sworn it was, but then, I see that it is only presently available to those that have subscriptions. Apparently being able to order it individually doesn’t come for a month or so on down the line. Thanks for providing the prod to get me to go investigate that, though. Interesting.

      And thank you! I was quite honored at the selection – and certainly surprised. Hope you enjoy it whenever you are indeed able to lay hands on it. I’ll keep an eye on that particular situation myself, let you know if I notice a sudden magical poof of availability. I wish you all the best in getting your own work published there – hopefully it is a nice fit. Plenty of interesting writers afoot there, and Carol Hightshoe, the author that runs the magazine, seems a nice enough sort.

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