Long Journeys

Gold paths contain fine meals,

thousands to the dollared flesh

divined by rare suit gestures—

even time’s hand a sacred cost.


To the bursting, cries the chef

as I lay my body down,

waiting for the planes

to burn this hollow out.


Snow frosts the window panes

beyond man’s wheels,

ice gathers undertone, underfoot

scaling climbing souls.


Is it déjà vu?


Nestled in the mountains

I dip within the brook,

at once sinking to the chill,

yet sunward bound.


There is a drink of maple

spread beside the banks

where this tired spirit

might ponder yet the lost.


There is silence in the breeze,

the break of waves like men

signaling open seas beyond clouds,

an open breath for crossing.

*Welcome, one and all, to the the Waking Den, and to my latest offering to the good times over at dVerse Poets Pub. I hope you like what you’ve seen, and I look forward to reading your works as well, but I’ve also got a big announcement to make, and in case any of you lot missed it yesterday, I thought I’d leave you all with a link: https://cianphelan.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/the-hollow-march-begins/. Forgiving the giddiness of a younger writer for a moment, I also add: more announcements to follow in the days to come – exciting no?

Thank you for all your support! It’s a lovely community we have here in this blogosphere.

18 thoughts on “Long Journeys

  1. Sounds like a breath of fresh air, whether deja vu or not, a peaceful place for one to be caught. Big congrats on the book too! I was slow yesterday to see the news, what can you do?..haha

  2. Lots of neat lines throughout the write. Isolating the question Is it Deja Vu? was a nice touch. Crafted well. Thanks for the read, very well done

  3. nice. so the mountains have been good to you? sounds rather peaceful there in the end…i like to retreat to the mountains to be refreshed myself…good job again on the book man…

  4. ‘there is a drink of maple/spread beside the banks..’ just one of many images that wipe me out here–your poetry always calls for close attention, because you like to slip things into the narrative unobtrusively-(-I also like the reference to time’s gold hand and wonder if it might refer to the vast cost of a status symbol watch for the wealthy–more than the mortgage on a poor man’s home.) There is a comforting at home quality in the natural world projected in the ending stanzas. Good stuff, Chris. And again, so excited for your book deal!

  5. There is a beautiful serenity in this, almost as if you become a tree on those mountain slopes, roots sinking toward the chill of autumn waters, branches toward the sun. Congrats on the book, by the way!

  6. A very nice read, glad I arrived here following your link from my site 🙂

    Congrats on the upcoming release of your book, I don’t have a Kindle, old fashioned and prefer the feel of a physical book (that will change I know), so will buy in print.

    All the best

  7. I feel so much depth in this that I keep reading and going a little more, love when words capture me that way, yours certainly have. Will spend more time with this piece ~ Rose

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