The Hollow March Begins

For two years, I have spoken here and there of a mysterious book in progress. Between bouts of poetry and short story fancies, I have penned, edited, and re-edited this work countless times, in my own attempts to reach that forever out of reach pinnacle of perfection we writers view as something akin to the Garden of Eve.

Well, a writer is never fully satisfied in his own work. It is our way.

Yet in two months time, I am proud to announce today, “The Hollow March” will be available in e-book and print, from Kindle to Nook and back to the glorious old ways of literature. Only two parts of the puzzle remain, and both are to my viewing pleasure: the cover art and the maps that span the breadth of this work’s imagined world.

The map, I am proud to say, rests comfortably in the hands of my good friend (and one of the book’s editors) Nathan Hartley. The previews I’ve received via camera phone (while small) certainly have me anxious, and I look forward to the time when I will soon have them-in hand, both in the digital sense, and the delightfully physical (pictures to follow when that day arrived, by the by).

As for cover art, the artist should be settled within a week or so, with the month after given over to their labors. It’s amazing to see the breadth of people already sending in applications though, from all corners of the world. Especially where, being an indie author, I lacked the funds that the publishing companies do, I was astounded to see such an overwhelmingly positive response, and hope to continue viewing the same. So much fascinating work to behold…from the comic to the dark heart of cyberpunk-style CGI. It’s a trip.

Thanks to the people at for a lovely site by the way – they really streamline this process. If you need artists for any project – books, games, what have you – I highly recommend them.

But I suppose I’m nerd-squeeing at the moment (writer-squee, it’s the same thing, really), so let’s get back on topic. “The Hollow March” – what is it, you may ask? Well, dear fellows, it is a fantasy novel subscribing more to the modern approach in style: realist fantasy, which is to say, more in the vein of George R.R. Martin than J.R.R. Tolkien. Magic lurks in the shadows, but the world before your eyes is one of renaissance—and turmoil.

Because every good bit of literature needs turmoil, no?

For your viewing pleasure, though, here’s a more accurate summary:

“It is a time of upheaval in the Idasian Empire. As religious fervor stirs dissent among the people, and the winter winds loom, thousands gather behind their aging emperor on a march to war.

In the midst of this, young Rurik Matair blunders home with childish notions of revenge, and an unlikely band of sellswords at his back. The third son of a backwater nobleman, Rurik was destined for a life in service to the crown. But when he reached beyond his station, he was banished from his father’s house with nothing to his name. Tired and hunted, he returns after two years abroad. Yet all is not as it appears. As Idasia’s brutal war threatens to stagnate, old rivalries rekindle. Other players shift through dark games behind the scenes, and old magicks rise against a tottering throne, stirred on by a woman with nothing left…”

What do you think? As that is, at present, likely what’s going to be slapped on the back of this book—“the blurb”, as we call it—if there’s any way you think it could be improved, I’d surely love to hear your input.

Also: keep your eyes peeled for a preview in the days to come, to give you a little taste of how this book runs. A look into the author’s mind as it were–though I’m sure mind surfing is something of a terrifying process.

So to sum: December. Keep your eyes and ears open, people, because “The Hollow March” will be ready for your bookshelves or your electronics. Good Christmas gift, don’t you think? *nudge-nudge*


32 thoughts on “The Hollow March Begins

  1. Chris! Awesome…exciting…and just in time for Christmas!? (smart marketing or golden horseshoe in funny place?) Congratulations! Loved the teaser…you’ve got a buyer here!

  2. This sounds right up my fantasy-twisted alley, Chris. Can’t wait to to see the illustrations and cover art,not just because I’m pretty sure they’ll be awesome, but because that means one step closer to reading. On your blurb–i think you mean dissent, not descent. Otherwise, it reads like a very effective teaser–and the last line is one cut above the usual. Keep us posted.

    • Hm. Why yes, yes I did mean dissent…and this is why editors are kings among men…most of the time! Good eye.

      Glad to hear I’ve got your vote! Which is to say, your thumbs-up my friend.

  3. Ah so the master has been secretly working hard on a side project. I had no idea. Sounds really good though! Congratulations! I’ll keep my eyes peeled on the barnes and nobles shelves come December.
    ~Corbie Sinclair

    • The master you say? Well, I don’t know about that…but your kind words and kindly appreciated!

      And well, I’m not sure about the shelves…but you can certainly order it from their website for your own shelf, when the day comes ;).

  4. Congratulations Chris! That is fabulous news and even better timing… just before Christmas. Should add to the initial sales a bit, leading to more exposure. Great marketing.

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  6. Wow, Chris. I’m so happy for you. I think we are sharing a similar journey. Today, I signed a contract with a small indie publisher for my first novel and they expect to have the e-book offerings as well as POD ready about the same time as yours. We’ll have to crack open the champagne!

  7. Congrats Chris. I am very happy for you. I am intrigued with the trailer or preview. It seems to be a fantasy/action/thriller kind of book…very interesting.
    I like it~

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us.

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  9. That is awesome! Congrats upon congrats, and possibly some confetti. Aw, what the hell. Lots of confetti!

    Writer’s dream: you’re living it. I can’t wait to track it down and get it for myself. Sounds like something I would love to read.

    Thanks also for stopping by my blog — hopefully I’ll be joining you in the world of publication before too long. 🙂

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