15 thoughts on “A dream of air currents

  1. peyote…I always think of a line from a Tool song called “Third Eye”

    “Like phosphorescent desert buttons. Singing one familiar song…” Your poem gives me a similar feeling as this moment in the song…

    wondering if you have experienced peyote…when I was in grad school I was invited to an actual Native American peyote ceremony…at the time I just did not feel ready for such an experience…sometimes I wish I had said yes…hmmm.

    Beautiful write Chris.

    • Ah, good old Tool…indeed, I see where you’re coming from with the comparison, and thank you.

      And perhaps, perhaps not…*shifty eyes* I’ll never tell. The secrets of a wily writer and journalist 😉

  2. You created quite the elusive vision with this piece. No peyote needed. Loved the combination of “pellucid peyote visions” too. Another wonderful piece!

  3. Jee Chris this is excellent. My favourite of yours I think. Word choices stellar and aural device to die for – alliteration in all lines bar the last. Deeply love

    Pellucid peyote


    hisses as their haggard drop

    stunning write man.

  4. Chris this is really great, the opening couplet is simply perfect. “Pellucid peyote visions”…ah I love what you do with words! Hope you are well my friend! ~ Rose

  5. ah, amazing alliteration! awesome! actually an awful addiction avoided avidly as i’m inclined inevitably, irritatingly… to keep it up until i make a fool of myself. sorry. {smile} great poem, Chris!

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