Restless Nightmares

"The morning after the battle of Waterloo", by John Heaviside Clarke, 1816. Image care of Wikimedia Commons.

For the final One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry, and the grand opening of the dVerse Poets Pub, I would like to bring back a classic – the poem with which I introduced myself at the first One Shot Wednesday, in July last year, when One Stop was still just a glitter and a gleam in the eyes of a few good poets.

It is dark, and due to its age not the style of mine to which you may have become accustomed, but I hope you enjoy it all the same – and if you’d like to see the piece with which I more officially gave my ending salute to that wonderful art community, check out last week’s contribution: One Winter Morning.

– – –

Restless nightmares break,

From wretched slumber do I wake

To a world of endless night—

Thunderous choirs make me crouch in fright.

High above us wraiths now soar,

Men clasp their ears to deafen their roar.

Over hills and shattered streets,

The bands come marching to woeful beats.

A hundred thousand voices cry,

Then all the singers die.

24 thoughts on “Restless Nightmares

  1. yep – shivers as well over here in germany…touching poem chris and it was a precious time…crying and laughing at the same time…was an honor to be on a team with you

  2. strong stuff… dark indeed. Nice to see your older work in contrast with your new stuff, I always enjoy that. I see a lot of poets develop on the Crit board (including myself, though it’s harder to see when it’s yourself!). Good times ahead I feel… great to know ya Chris

  3. Intriguing to read this earlier poem of yours: this dark, powerful, orchestral brutal chorus of war…thank you for re-sharing for people such as I, who were not around on Twitter etc until recently

  4. This piece is dramatic and has a killer finish, the theme is one we all have done, but which you do here with your own style. It’s been an incredible journey with One Stop, and it’s hard to see it end, but also good to cross paths with you at dVerse.

    Best always, Chris, and thanks for the many Sundays you lifted me out of the doldrums with your One Shoot prompts.

  5. i am getting to know the poets world. somehow i was expecting a love and heart rendering drama, but now i can see poets can roll out a dramatic scene, more real than movies.

  6. I really enjoyed seeing another side to you here. You know I can’t seem to stay away from the dark side, lol…Want to thank you again for all you did for One Stop. It’s been such a pleasure learning with you 🙂

  7. I am glad you posted this piece again since I was not present for the firs One Shot week. What a present this is, haunting and vivid, such a wonderful cadence to it as well. Really enjoyed this piece Chris!

  8. Dramatic and well written with that killer finish…I thank you for all your hard work at One Stop….it had an incredible run…..bkm

  9. I was not present for the first OneShot, so I am very happy you presented this one! I think I’ve taken quite well to the voice of this Chris, and I consider myself quite honored to have watched you and the rest of the team evolve over these past few months. Truly thought this was awesome and am sincerely looking forward to continuing the journey. (And you rhymed! How I do so love the rhyme!)

  10. “Then all the singers die.”

    i almost cried at this line! thank you for sharing with those of us who didn’t see it the first time.

    and many, many thanks for the always fascinating One Shoot Sundays! see you back here soon.

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