Climb and Descent

Picture by and Copyright Rosie Hardy

It is a gateway,


Carrying snowy starlight

Through clouds of memory—

The climb is

Worse than the fall,

The anticipation

Builds only to waking but

Moonlit falls

Drink me down,

Thoughts like water on parched lips

Lost in far away lands,

Rendered golden

In my light.

* Well, everyone, this is the last of them – the final One Shoot Sunday. We had the grace to end on the wonderfully high note of photographer Rosie Hardy, a young, UK photographer whose talent with people and with color is nearly boundless. I hope you have enjoyed my humble offerings these many months, and the work of so many wonderful photographers. It’s been my pleasure to speak with them, and to share their works and their words with you – as it has been my pleasure to read your own words, inspired by their work.

Cheers, everyone.


23 thoughts on “Climb and Descent

  1. your poem is exquisite, Chris. i really love Rosie Hardy’s art. i can’t tell you how much i’ve enjoyed One Shoot Sundays {and One Stop Poetry} ~ it’s been exciting to meet such wonderful photographers and the photo prompts have been a wonderful way to start the week. {i’ve spent my Saturday nights going to the site to see if the post is up yet, then usually staying up all night writing.} One Stop Poetry has several amazing legacies, not least of which are the One Shoot Sunday archives. thank you for everything and i wish you the best. ♥

  2. Way to rock the final post, Chris. You are talented, personable, and someone I enjoyed meeting and working with very much. Best to you always. Your efforts have inspired many and encouraged community among artists from varied backgrounds. Happy mountain trails and write on!

  3. I almost chose this picture to write one and I am so glad you did! what a wonderful homage to one of my passions: Dreams! Thank you Chris for hosting One Shoot…and for sharing poetic space with me..

  4. I like that you selected this image, I almost did too. Your take was delicate and dreamlike, from the ‘moonlit falls, drink me down’…stunning lines. Lovely write ~ Rose

  5. Chris this was one of the best One Shoots ever–such amazing photographs, such a talented photographer in Ms. Hardy. You’ve been a great source of inspiration for me–I’ve written dozens of poems that would never have seen the light of day except for your Sunday features of those who are masters with the camera and pull the words out of our brains. Many many thanks for all your work and dedication.

    This is a beautiful balanced piece, a striking image with words that complement and enhance it. Loved it esp, “..carrying snowy starlight through clouds of memory…the climb is worse than the fall..” Says it all.

  6. I don’t dream, but after reading these lovely words I want to..

    thank you Chris for bringing these artists to us and inspiring me to write more, hopefully better and enjoy the company of other fine writers.

    well done

  7. Thank you for a fine interview with Rosie Hardy and the introduction to her engaging work. I’ve enjoyed all the One Shoot Sundays! Wishing you the best.

  8. A finale to be proud of… you have brought so many talented photographers our way. Offered such inspirations. Thank you Chris! All the best to you. I shall stop by often to see how things are going.

  9. way to finish strong man…both at OSp with the best prompts yet, but here in your words as well…wishing you sweet dreams in your endeavors man…and never fear the climb…

  10. Great poem, Chris. Thank you for being a part of OSP. I hope you always have sweet dreams and I will continue to follow you and visit you here 🙂

  11. Oh, dreams are amazing, aren’t they? Of course, they can be quite scary as well, but you’ve captured their ability to transport us to faraway places. Thanks for all you’ve done to make One Stop the wonderful place it was. I’ll still be peeking in to see what you’re up to. May all your endeavors be fruitful, Chris 🙂

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