Stone by Stone

Photo by and copyright Neil Alexander.

Stone by Stone

Vines inhale the flesh

The world atone

Stone by Stone

Memories of the haunted-hallowed moan

Of all we’ve wrought, kingly mess

Stone by Stone

Humanity stripped, to rise afresh.

* Hello, all. This, obviously, is my submission to One Shoot Sunday over at One Stop Poetry. It’s more than that, though. I hope you all enjoyed my interview with the talented Neil Alexander, but if you get to the end, you may have noted a little send-off from me and Adam Dustus. Today marks our second-to-last One Shoot Sunday venture.

Without getting into the whys too terribly and boring you all with the details, I’ll suffice to say, sometimes the path splits, and the trail leads us somewhere new. Photography, as writing, is one of my passions in life, and it has been a wonder for me to meet so many talented photographers and to share their insights with you all. It has been a magical thin for this reporter. Yet real life is coming at me something fierce right now, and in a couple months, I’ll be moving to Colorado. It will be wonderful, and the place is certainly a beauty – I cannot wait to go. In the meantime, I’m packing. I’m working freelance. I’m bidding farewell to old friends. And with everyone else departing at One Stop, it seemed, for me, the time to tip my hat to the crowd.

You all have been wonderful, I say that honestly. I have so enjoyed your poetry – and will CONTINUE to enjoy your poetry in the months and years to come. This corner of the blogosphere – it is a wonderful thing, filled with so many creative and wonderful people. I hope you will continue to visit me as well, as I’ll not be leaving….merely because I’m stepping down from One Shoot doesn’t mean I’m departing into a moonless night…I’ll be here, still doing what I do, and enjoying every moment of it.

Cheers, everyone. It has been, and still is, a pleasure.


25 thoughts on “Stone by Stone

  1. dang – powerful words chris..humanity stripped…vines inhale the flesh…cool wordplay also with dipped your pen deep into your ink pot today..

    and hey – thanks for all you’ve done and good to know you…cyber hugs your way..

    • Thanks, Claudia! Your friendship and kindness has meant a lot to me – and your poetry has inspired. I’ll certainly still be around Post-OSP, and I dearly hope you will be too. Much cyber hugs right back my friend.

      And actually, as a side-note, “aflesh” was a typo…should have been “afresh,” as in, to be reborn…

  2. Your word choices are perfect Chris, just perfect. I was going to pick out my favorite part, but then i’d have to copy the whole thing, lol. Very powerful.

    And, I’m sad you are leaving osp, but I will still be reading what you write 🙂

  3. I like all the lines mentioned by Claudia, ayala, and Miss Black…
    “Vines inhale the flesh / The world atone” I really like those lines b/c it seems to indicate growth, making things right—as if the house (like people) became host to symbiotic and flourishing offshoots. The tone of rebirth is very powerful, concise lines with just the right amount of repetition to enhance the structure. You’ve really stepped it up on Sunday. It’s been enjoyable watching your writing, in various forms, emerge into poignant social and personal commentary. Glad we’re friends, Chris 🙂

  4. out of the ashes new life arises chris…tight write…and i look forward to seeing where your path leads…colorado and beyond…thank you for all the hard work my friend….

  5. I like the way you’ve put rhyme in this to emphasize and drive home meaning, like the hammer on the chisel. Everyone’s already mentioned my favorite lines, but the poem as a whole is cohesive and well written all the way through.

    I envy you the move to a breathtakingly beautiful state, and know you’ll love it, as much as I regret the loss of your sunday motivations, and the introductions to so many fine photographers. Thanks for everything you’ve done at One Stop. Life is change, but it’s hard not to look back with a bit of bittersweet at times like this.

  6. 1st hope all your dreams and goals are found with your new move. 2nd great poem really liked it. 3rdly thanks for putting up with us all

  7. Really lovely poem, love it…”Humanity stripped, to rise afresh.”

    And may your new paths in Colorado be lively and fresh. The One Shoot Sundays have been terrific– thank you!

  8. Loved this write Chris “vines inhale the flesh” that is just…well one of those lines I wish I had written, I like to think of it like making the words become tangible in the fingers. I think you will love your journey and Colorado! I follow you in all the uni’verses so I won’t miss you 😉 ❤ ~ Rose

  9. Memories of the haunted-hallowed moan

    Of all we’ve wrought, kingly mess

    Endlessly amazed at how you compress a universe in your brief poems, Chris! I’ll miss your introductions and interviews of talented photographers on Sundays. I’m wondering what I’d do without them but as you all say, life like blood will seek a bypass road to keep roaring. Thanks again for all you’ve done here.

  10. Love the touch of humanity you have brought to this piece… I too went there in a way… will be keeping my eyes open for you in blogland. Thanks for sharing your wonderful perspective with us over the past year.

  11. “Stone by Stone”

    isn’t that how everything’s built? like the changes in your life….stone by stone. i wish you well in the future and i plan on continuing to bother you here.

  12. I really liked the last line, made it all quite “fresh”
    description, detail and sense are all in there.

  13. As always, Love the message/wisdom contained within your words Chris…especially

    “Memories of the haunted-hallowed moan
    Of all we’ve wrought, kingly mess
    Stone by Stone
    Humanity stripped, to rise afresh.”

    As the ancients have told us, we are at the end of an Age, and the beginning of a new one…ever the story of mankind’s journey through the dark and light. Oftentimes, mankind has been its own worst enemy, in that it participates in its own demise…

    Roger ☺

    PS: Glad to read, “I’ll be here, still doing what I do, and enjoying every moment of it.” And, of course, best wishes on all of your new adventures, Chris! Cheers, mate!

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