Solstice Tanka

I wanted something suitably nature-oriented for this special One Shot Wednesday – since the party begins on Tuesday, after all, and this Tuesday is the summer solstice, the longest and (hopefully) most beautiful of days. My inspiration seemed cut off by grey clouds this morning, sadly, but with the afternoon there seems to have come a break in the haze of summer, treating my muse to blue skies and colored fields. In that same vein, I tried to step outside my usual, and go for a touch of tanka.

Hope the weather’s treating you all as kindly. May it be a fertile day for creativity!

Mother dances green

Before Father’s skyward kiss.

Sweet husband Golden

Pirouetting long shadows

Across her blossom billows.

And here’s a bit of greenery to put a little summer slant into your day…cheers!

Image property of: Chris Galford.


23 thoughts on “Solstice Tanka

  1. lovely way to highlight the relationship that births the season…lots of texture too in a few words….well played chris…have a great one shot! and thank you

  2. Agree with Lori. You’re quite good at form poetry. Your concision with language and knowledge of meanings shines through. Very nice interacting of the scene, colors, and subjects, Chris.

  3. The solstice brings out the best in you, Chris. Short, effective tanka, and the personification makes for a nice turn at the right spot. Our weather here decided to suddenly moderate from burning blast furnace to gorgeous early summer–must be the Mother dancing green. ;_)

  4. Beautiful Cheis, I was kind of hoping by now that the green man would have seduced the goddess bringing us at least some summer, as it is, the temp hardly pushing the 50’s and sitting here in a jumper dreaming of summer. Ahhhh hopefully your words will weave their magic and bring us some warmth. Great imagery you use here in such a short form.

  5. love the blossom billow..we had gorgeous weather yesterday…i was giving a group of czech vip customers a guided tour in basel and we were crossing the river by ferry and had a great time, enjoying the city and the weather

  6. Ooohhh… LOVELY!! As beautiful as the weather here, Chris! Seriously, the picture AND the tanka made me feel like a peacock, ready for its monsoon dance… A thoroughly energizing read, my friend!
    Hope you are having a WONDERFUL summer!!!
    Here’s wishing you the best days ahead…

  7. What a heavenly ‘love story’ Chris! I love you made symbols work out the image and the significance of summer solstice in our lives! I love how the images rise sheer as a dream, ‘pirouetting long shadows’ toward the last line. Powerful poem!

  8. This was a wonderful tanka and the description of the nature in poetic form is highly engaging. The way you account earth, skies, sun, sea and blooming flowers to mark the day is so soothing and reviving.

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