When there is nothing

Before abyss come the clock-tower.

The little boy by midnight asks—

her look, lost in the candlelight—

the nature of empty books lain dormant,

the moonless night above a bridge

when there is nothing left to lose—

in sedimentary smiles she sighs:

when there is nothing

there is love.


25 thoughts on “When there is nothing

  1. Haven’t read something so simple yet powerful in a long time. Sharp imagery; something about clocktowers and nighttime seems to click. Great work.

    I’d like to link to your blog. I have a new writing blog at http://shelleddreams.wordpress.com/ Perhaps we could add each other to our blogrolls?

    Great post, I’m looking forward to more.

    • Certainly! I’m always up for linking and networking between creatives. Thank you for the compliment on my work – and I look forward to reading more of your posts as well. I particularly enjoyed “Soul and the Arts.” Good end note there for us all.

  2. nice to think of the moonless night as a bridge and when there’s nothing there is love…filling the emptiness..? it somehow has an empty feeling..your night in the poem..so the best conditions for love i guess..

  3. This is complex, yet beautiful and clear. Esp. like ‘sedimentary smiles,’ like something deposited gradually over years. The sense of time inn this is palpable..

  4. the nature of empty books lain dormant,

    This one line makes the poem for me.

    Sometimes, we say a great deal more when we write a great deal less, this is one of those occasions.

  5. This certainly has a gravity. Everything seems to be sinking, falling into the abyss even love which between a mother and child may be the last to fall. Thank you. Gay

  6. What is not said here, is the story, it makes me want to know this story, beneath and above the loss, and love, I appreciate the childlike, almost the sense of the magical within the simplicity of images, that pushes against the adult eyes, and by doing so, actually highlights the adult world, the dark emotion; and so there is the contrast of the two main perspectives, simply and effortlessly weaved. I still want to know the story though, the unsaid.

  7. Aaahh.. I think I just melted like a candle on reading this, Chris…
    Your words glided so smoothly through my sense.. I could picture this all too clearly..
    Really beautifully written…
    From a void comes a fullness that just cannot be matched!

  8. ‘Before abyss come the clock-tower’…and life’s essence taken in slices rendered into nothingness but for love, which in this poem you’ve captured in exactness because of its brevity. As always, a powerful poem from you, Chris. thank you for sharing it!

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