Stooped Celebration

"The Bootmaker," image property of Rob Hanson.

Stooped celebration

Thread by thread

Stringing out the walkers

Life of leather—

Toiling at the standing grace

Of other souls.


Breaths ride the strands,

Divinity locked in rasping labor;

Noon passes stained glass

With a smile—

the hands know but the one song,

they cannot sing it with regret.

* My latest work for One Shoot Sunday. Based on the prompt from my interview this week with HDR photographer Rob Hanson. Be sure to check back in next week as well, for part two of the interview and more of Mr. Hanson’s lovely work.


19 thoughts on “Stooped Celebration

  1. “the hands know but the one song,

    they cannot sing it with regret.”

    how few get to make their living doing something they truly love enough to do without getting paid? the next best thing is to do it without regret.

    a great poem for the photograph, Chris!

  2. Excellent use of language to weave the lines (literally) with string, strands, and thread. You capture the the sense of losing track of time through creative absorption. Great work, Chris!

  3. ‘Divinity locked in rasping labor’ – you capture the simple joy of a job well done and well chosen words lead us into the bootmaker’s craft

  4. Yes, you can’t hate what makes you sing–very well put together, solid piece, full of insight and effective language–and a pleasure to read, as I’m sure the shoes you write of would be to wear.

  5. I love the lines “stringing out the walkers life of leather” Chris – and as others say you’ve caught the act of getting lost while engrossed beautifully – lovely poem Chris – Steve 🙂

  6. There is something divine about making something with your hands. You lose track of time and I think it’s like being taking away by a song. You bring both together in your poem.

  7. string out the walkers…nice…hands know but one song, but know it well i imagine…there is something divine in doing something you enjoy so many times it becomes second hand…a finely crafted piece chris….

  8. toiling at the standing grace of other souls… I loved that. The hands know but the one song… made me think of a master pianist playing a brilliant composition by heart. I could hear the music of his shop… so wonderful.

  9. So many fine lines here, Chris. And together they make it a fine poem. My favorite” “Toiling at the standing grace / of other souls.” Beautiful.

  10. Great song and feel Chris. When you think of the ages someone does the same task

    Excellent interview btw


  11. I would quote the whole poem to say what lines I love in your poem, Chris! I agree with Adam and Joy and the rest of the above comments whom you have mesmerized with the solidity yet sheer-ness of this lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it!

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