Across Space

Bridge beckons bright tides

Through eyes, the starlit twinkle—

Hearts, freely given.

* Technically not a Haiku, given the topic and the lack of seasonal groundings, and without the cynical or oft-humorous stylings of a Senryu, but done in the same style. A short work, but I hope it satisfies all the same!


4 thoughts on “Across Space

  1. It’s good to hear somebody who knows the difference between haikus and senryus for once. Mind you, I started of thinking the haiku was 7-5-7 and wrote loads of pseudo-haikus in that format before I realised! Oh and I like the way the picture matches the poem.

    • Why thank you! It’s true, a lot of people don’t seem to notice the difference between the pair…though in their defense, a lot of the modern stylings of them today do tend to eradicate some of the boundaries between them, in silly fashion.

      And you’re right – to be honest, I hadn’t noticed the match before you mentioned it. The picture’s actually my header, rather than an image for this post; interesting how they go together.

      Thanks for swinging through.

  2. So uplifting to read your light, hopeful, full-of-grace outlook for bright tides in the twinkling eyes of a joyful heart – to deny the seeming darkness for a moment.

  3. what can be better than “Hearts, freely given”? i thought i knew what haiku was {thus the title of my blog “haiku love songs”} when i didn’t understand in the slightest. by the time i did begin to learn about poetry forms, i didn’t want to change the name of my site, but i still feel uncomfortable when i think about it. this is a really lovely poem, whatever you call it.

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