Sundress Summers


Sundress summers

Bloomed in yellow visions

With the milky drink of your lips—

Child love.

My latest submission for the gathering that is One Shot Wednesday. Returning this week to a style that’s been an old favorite of mine – the cinquain – for the purposes of capturing that summer swell. Lord knows we’ve had the weather for it here.


26 thoughts on “Sundress Summers

  1. sundress summers…ahhhh!

    I’ve got one on now…the only way to survive in my world…

    I love the tenderness and sensuality captured here…young love…love…it is what makes it all worth it!

    As a female who loves her sundresses….the homage is appreciated!

    • Few things scream summer better in my mind, and with them blooms thoughts of young love…tragically not that I’ve really gotten to experience, but I can write about it dang it! Yeah…I imagine they’re a necessity in this 90+ right now. Just don’t get caught shaking it in any more parking lots, k? 😛

  2. ‘Sundress Summers’ is beautiful Chris…

    how are you able to bring the reader into a magic moment so vividly with so few words is a talent and precious gift you possess…when one needs the beauty of poetry and an escape into a sensitive reality and awareness, one will find it in your poems…so sweetly, softly and subtly expressed…


  3. Aww yes summer is the time of this
    Older folk might hiss
    But barefeet through the grass
    With a guy or lass
    Depending on your type
    Won’t make young ones gripe
    Enjoyed the one shot you gave
    Deserves a little rave

  4. ooooh, I like this a lot. You’ve summed up summer in 5 short lines. “Sundress Summers…” Why didn’t I think of that? 🙂 It’s always a pleasure to stop by!

  5. So perfectly caught in the moment with this one–it could be the young love of first stirrings, or even a child kissing it’s mother or sibling–it breathes the warmth of summer. Very nice work, Chris.

  6. Gotta love that photo Chris…reminds me of a new dawn that’s coming…and sense the “Once upon a time…” sweet texture in your verse…Kudos as usual! Roger ☺

  7. Aahh..dreamy, and oh so lovely!
    This weekend was all about camping in the rain for me.. followed by a beautiful sunny day enriched with sitting under gushing milky waterfalls…
    And so I could particularly relate to this poem … (sigh).. BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. Very nice, Chris… you do the cinquain well…. I love the last line. You capture a lot here in these few syllables. Do you ever left-align you cinquains? They look good that way also (depending on if the lines get longer equally)

    Cheers mate


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