Birds in Flight

Picture copyright Fee Easton.

Feathered summer bright

In taloned march sing madness

Death—one season’s end.

A piece for this week’s edition of One Shoot Sunday. There’s no interview by me (had a couple weeks off, you know?), but several lovely prompt choices to select from a generous old friend of One Stop: Fee Easton. You may remember my earlier interview with her back in March. A wonderful woman with some very vivid photography. This was my response to her “option 3” photo.

13 thoughts on “Birds in Flight

  1. The approach of summer breaks March madness through song. Your final line, “Death—one season’s end” indicates a much bigger picture or cycle… Excellent haiku, and kudos for your choice in prompt. (What a photo!)

  2. Chris, I like your haikus. You do them well, and seemingly, so effortlessly. I felt the sky, the flight & the reminder at the end.

  3. Terrific lines about the swiftness of everything bright–wings, summer, life. Again, written in your masterful hand that captures in a gasp everything!

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