Blood and Beauty

Picture by and copywrite Rosa Frei.

Sucking at the grains,

the eyes, weather-beaten portals

portray, in absolution,

the sifting sands in hourglass

like B-52 roar, the revelation

of dry ocean repetition,

the ships always setting sail never

finding anything but mirage—

blistered empty wounds

singing long after they have sung,

these eyes, these hands left

to cover blood and beauty.

* My submission to this week’s edition of the One Shoot Sunday Photo Prompt, with this moving bit of portraiture care of Rosa Frei. Check out my interview with her, and join in the poetry fun!

11 thoughts on “Blood and Beauty

  1. There are wonderful lines here, Chris – each one complete in providing a full story of its own….the eyes as weather-beaten portals – wow, great line. the sifting sand like a B-52 roar is also a great auditory “image” and the ships setting sail but only finding mirage, awesome visual. really enjoyed this.

  2. Tight! The mirage reference works very well; upon which your collective imagery, concepts, and emotion all form a great composite sailing through time while questioning reality. Kick-ass

  3. Oh, yes.. this is so good. One of the few who went with the suggested prompt picture – a difficult image to connect with and you have done it with style.
    Just excellent work, Chris.

  4. loved the roar of the b 52 and we were much like minded with some words like mirage, blisters and wounds…loved your take on the prompt chris – tight write

  5. Yes saw the correlations in your work to the others I read. Not unexpected, those are the words one would associate with the locale. Well written Chris – liked the image of sails on an ocean of sand. Mirages that waver. Heat will do that.
    Thanks, Gay

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