Absence Explained

Yesterday, you may have noticed I posted a poem for One Shot Wednesday. Nothing out of the ordinary in that, and certainly unorthodox. Those among my commenters section, however, may have noticed that I have not, as my usual goodly self would have, traveled to your blogs in turn for a comment or a quality liking. You may be thinking, what a dick, that Chris guy.

Well humbly hold back on the dickery decrees for a moment while I explain. This week, you will probably not be seeing much activity from me. Some issues have erupted in the real world that have left me scrambling for sanity, but facing worry; for time, but finding little to be had.

My mother and father, Rocky Mountains 2010.

Yesterday, my father was taken to the hospital following a week-long sickness. In the beginning, we had thought it was the flu, or something like it. When it stretches for a week – certainly not the case. He was checked into the emergency room. Doctors seem to have figured out what was wrong – infections coming on in clumps all up in the wrong areas – but they don’t know yet if what they have prescribed will be enough for the moment. They have held him at the hospital for now, and given him antibiotics. They may take. They may not. If the don’t, they will likely have to conduct surgery. A skittish Chris is left in the meanwhile.

As if that weren’t enough, the week seems content to stack numerous other obstacles and bad things in my path. For example, yesterday, not 20 minutes before I learned about my father, my dog was mauled by another dog while we were walking down the street. Put an inch long gash in his neck and took a chunk of skin out from under his eye. Would have been worse, much worse, if I hadn’t booted the assaulting animal off my thoroughly startled dog. Have to deal with animal control and all that now. Likely an angry neighbor as well.

"Fane," post-attack.

I will likely return to normality next week, and you will see posts and commentary the same as ever from regular Chris, but for the moment, if I’m a little lacking in internet presence, I hope you’ll understand. All the best to you all.


13 thoughts on “Absence Explained

  1. The anti-violence puppy got violenced… :/ there’s something wrong about that. I don’t think anyone is going to fault you for being away from the blogsphere for a while. Hope your da gets better real soon.

  2. Don’t forget to breathe in all the crises. Sick people and animals can create stress that makes it hard to function sometimes. Take care of yourself in the midst of your storms.

  3. Hey Chris! Sometimes when it rains, it really rains! I can relate to, and understand, all that’s going on for you at this time! So, I’m sending you and yours some good vibes and KI to help y’ll through this difficult time! Take gentle care friend! Roger

  4. When those we love are in danger, we lose track of how to communicate in our normal ways. All of our focus goes to them. You have NOTHING about which to apologize. You do what you have to do and those who don’t understand, well, you know 🙂
    I hope by now both situations have improved and only best wishes are on the way to you.

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