Only One (Redux)

For this week’s One Shot Wednesday, I’m bringing back an old piece of mine, posted in those days before anyone realized my humble little blog even existed (seriously – five views a day? Ouch!). A touch of nostalgia, perhaps, but one I’ll occasionally partake in…I do like to give any work the chance to shine, new or old.

A rhyming piece (hence how you may be able to tell its older nature…given the trend I’ve been caught by for many long months), with something of an older sound to it, I think it nevertheless reflects a feeling I myself have felt many times over…So without further adieu, I give you “Only One.” Enjoy:

Twenty thousand souls abreast

may call me yet the heaven’s blest.

Midst twenty thousand strong

I say that life may yet be wrong,

but to be seen by one amidst the throng

is yet to know that I belong.

What darkest eyes may set awry,

that single smile may yet supply

in heart and mind my dear ally

but for that sigh, that cruel goodbye.

Give to me that Crown—

right quick, before I drown.

23 thoughts on “Only One (Redux)

  1. Sometimes the old rhythms and schemes are the voice we need to let something come out. They are archetypal in the purest of ways, setting up those thoughts and experiences that are universal to all humans, and as you say, felt many times over in the course onf one’s life. Lots of strength and sincerity in this one. Glad you brought it out and let it shine again.

  2. This is an unusual one for you Chris, from what I’ve seen of your work so far anyway. Took me a couple of read-throughs to really feel the rhythm as the alternating meter threw me a bit, but now that I have it’s accompanied by the vision of a guy standing on the stage at the Globe Theatre in full Elizabethan costume. Suffice to say, we shall not be throwing rotten fruit at you from The Pit young sire. Nice One Shot.

  3. A very fine piece!
    Trust me we all have been there.. I have slacked big time before I was noticed! But then that’s exactly why “ascending” makes all the more exciting..

    Keep writing these beautiful one- I’ll keep reading them 🙂
    Hugs xoxox

  4. Oh…I do so love to rhyme. To find the perfect words that fall froms one’s lips so easily. To get caught in the rhythm, and feel the dance of the poet. Thought this was a wonderful write, and the intro has compelled me to look at where you have journeyed with your work, to lead you away from what you obviously have a real talent for. Enjoyed much 🙂

  5. i like this, Chris, though i do love your more recent style. rhyming is very difficult for me. i tend to concentrate on that more than the feeling of the poem. nice One Shot.

  6. It’s nice to dust off an old piece. Nicely done. I’m blessed to get 5 comments a day. I may be reading between the lines, but really sense a spiritual message in your work. Thanks…

  7. Old or new, this is amazing! You know I am a sucker for rhymes… and I really REALLY dig this one, Chris! And it’s not just for the rhymes, I daresay..

    The impatience, the wistfulness, the semi-fear, the need to stand out from the rest…’s all so beautifully expressed here!! LOVED IT!

    The crown’s all yours!! 🙂

  8. i like it chris – like the swing of the tetrameter and the somehow majestic feel of this. like also how you start it…takes me without further intro to the heart of the poem – very direct – nice

  9. Chris,
    I am glad you dusted this one off. It was beautifully written. How we all long to belong, even if it is just with one other person. Great message captured. Its no wonder you have grown so much as a poet, just one look at an early piece says it all.

  10. but to be seen by one amongst the through
    is yet to know that I belong

    This could be the battle cry of all bloggers! I thoroughly enjoyed your rhyming – I wish it could be more widely used in today’s Blogland.

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