The Runner

“Never,” said the man,

and on he ran

pursuing the stars

like a drunkard to his bars,

crying “No” awash in the glow,

but never yet to know.

* My latest contribution to the wonderful One Shot Poetry Wednesdays! If you get the chance, be sure to check out all the other talented One Stop poets posting there – and what about yourself? If you haven’t signed up yet, and you’re among the creative…what are you waiting for?

28 thoughts on “The Runner

  1. Very Stephen Crane-esque in terms of theme and brevity (which, as a rule, ain’t a bad thing); the rhyme is unforced, almost unnoticed. Tight and evocative little piece.

  2. Oh, I like this one, too. Those stars can be so evasive, but we chase them anyway, don’t we? I read this one a few times. Nice πŸ™‚

  3. Chasing stars or just stardust – sometimes it feels the same. I liked it and Dustus is right. It reads well backwards too. You must be like the Beatles or something πŸ™‚ Really, good piece. Gay

  4. awash in the glow – lovely line, Chris. Nice One Shot! Great flow here…

    hey gonna come submit for the challenge? No prob if not, sure you’re busy πŸ™‚ Come post sometime though if you want some in depth crit, I win’t give it on the blogs for reasons I’m sure you can understand

    Cheers matey


  5. I like the analogy you made, Chris…
    The poem was so vivid, I could see really picture a guy (half-mad) running about, talking to himself, making wild plans to evade his invisible chasers..
    But then again, sanity is indeed overrated..isn’t it? πŸ™‚

    This was perfection in brevity, my friend.. Kudos!!

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