Curtain Calls

Image by the incredibly talented Jacob Lucas.

Rotted regality recompense

Take wing and take heed beneath the sunlit—

Spotlights? Well they never did

Reveal nothing anyhow

Save empty chairs and broken sets

Where bands play in flat,

The fat ghosts singing cabaret

Behind dilapidated careers,

Writ grandiose in neon letters

Somewhere between dignity and destiny.

* My submission to this week’s edition of the One Shoot Sunday Photo Prompt, with that breathtaking frame shot provided by one Jacob Lucas. Breathtaking photographer – be sure to have a look at my interview with him when you get a chance. You won’t come away disappointed… and while you’re there, check out all the other poets inspired by the prompt!


13 thoughts on “Curtain Calls

  1. “The fat ghosts singing cabaret” lol The R-alliteration makes me think the speaker grits his teeth during the beginning. Very cool. “Somewhere between dignity and destiny” ouch, sounds like an actor’s purgatory. Concise, swift moving lines, and not without humor. Great write!

  2. oh i really like this one chris…the..bands playing in flat (i love to play in flat – always adore this sad and bluesy mood…sigh)
    and the fat ghosts singing cabaret…hope you’re having a wonderful sunday

  3. My youngest son was a child “star” playing in summer stock with grand names of stage and movies. He spent a summer in The Music Man and came out of it understanding the life of an actor is not so glamorous. So edgy, so worrying, so angst filled..he found out famous names lived in the garage apartments of friends, or slept on couches waiting for the next cattle call, or agent call, or a new script. I’ve found that his realizations are met in your piece here. It’s always just a show to be packed up, moved on, broken down leaving only ghosts and memories. Thanks, Gay

  4. Chris,

    This is a fantastic One Shoot Sunday all around! your interview…the photographer…the prompt…and the responses!

    So many wonderful words in your piece…reminds me why I love language! from dilapidated to grandiose to the fabulous proximity of rotten and recompense : your talent as a true wordsmith is showing!!

  5. “Somewhere between dignity and destiny.”

    so sad, but so true for many, if not most, actors. this is a wonderful poem and especially great response to the photo prompt.

  6. This must have been off, off, off, off broadway! LOL But many community theaters are brimming with talent and so enjoyable. The life of an actor requires intense desire and love for the craft. And, usually, a simple lifestyle!

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