The Season of Letters

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day; spring is near at hand, and the mail is beginning to stir…

Image care of Photobucket.

Spring flowers in bloom

Hope rides letters on the wind—

Rejection season.

That’s right ladies and gents, the season of rejection letters is beginning. Just got another gem of one today. Personally, I like to store them up, in that oh-so-classy of ways, so I can look back on them with a smile if and when I actually do get published. Meanwhile: c’est la vie. What do you do with your rejection letters?


3 thoughts on “The Season of Letters

  1. That haiku is awesome.

    Your rejection letters prove that you are a writer with purpose. Most writers write, but don’t go the next step,submitting.
    If someone has taken the time to jot something down about your submission…lucky you…take it in…they saw something.
    The shocking thing to most writers that I have come in contact with…those who are not as yet that they haven’t yet seen that it is a business.
    If you don’t see it that way…you will linger in that realm of the unpublished sufferers. Talent is one part, but only one part.
    I liked what you said about my poem.
    Craft is so lacking in many poems…
    even free form has craft to it. You seem to get this.
    yahoo…..please feel free to rip at mine anytime
    I look forward to reading more of your poems
    good day to you, and fruitful jottings

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