Once it’s Gone

Nothing’s ever meant to be

Once it’s Gone.

Only when we dream

in white horses and technicolor dreamcoats

does the voice sound like Jesus

as he kisses down our backs–

it’s fire, hope, a cross reaching–

cracking, cracks

When it’s Gone.

We never think of horizons

beyond the storms.

8 thoughts on “Once it’s Gone

  1. Chris…I WAS going to point our my favorite lines in this poem. There are too many…each line moves with superb fluidity into the next…no time to stop and separate one poetic moment from another…from dreams to technicolor coats to Jesus to the feeling of kisses on the back that burn to cracks…to when its gone…

    Way to keep on writing through your frustrations with the dreaded feeling of writers block! you broke on through that wall

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