Visions of Yester-Year

Photo by: Sean McCormick.


We laid the foundation of our hearts

And spread beneath an open sky

Where neither walls nor whims

Knew limitation to licentious surrealism;

The clouds, like little rabbits framed

Running through the soul,

Stood as libation

In silent spring.


Weeds rack the roots,

No resurgence in the recalcitrant puberty,

Midst rustled horses and wrangled roses,

What saw us raise our heads to dream;

The foundation remains, regal rock

Walking beneath the sunlight

Where crumbled walls cracked

To visions of yester-year.

* My submission to part two of a special edition the One Shoot Sunday Photo Prompt, with that breathtaking frame shot provided by one Sean McCormick, a Canadian Photographer that is the focus of my latest interviews for One Stop. Great guy, with some truly stunning nature photography…it absolutely breathes with life, history, and all the shadows of memories gone before. Have a look when you get the chance, and check out all the other poets inspired by the prompt!


10 thoughts on “Visions of Yester-Year

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  2. “The clouds, like little rabbits framed / Running through the soul, / Stood as libation / In silent spring.” There is a running melody throughout your lines, which enhances your imagery, and made me say “wow” at the part I quoted. Also, some great r-alliteration in the second stanza.

  3. I love every single line. This is poetry at its very best – scope of vision, emotive expression and originality. This flew through the window of the mundane into the blue sky of excellence.

  4. Absolutely love it – and the same phrase stuck out to me as everyone else it seems “The clouds, like little rabbits framed, Running through the soul…” fun, playful image.

  5. Nice Chris–puberty is always recalcitrant…I really liked the images of rustled horses and wrangled roses–there’s a whole novel in there. The line Mama Zen quotes caught my eye, too, and the rabbits. A piece that takes the starting point of the photo and moves it all up a notch.

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