To Compose

Causing pain

is the nature of the note—

the pianist sits, prepared for murder


in operatic trespasses

he hears the Valkyrie ride,

her spear the thrust of baritone blast


piercing stars, like silver tears rain


It rolls down to earth,


a Resurrection, a stirring in the madness,

this flurry writhe:

a man might grow hollow on the glee


Destroying and Rebuilding—

Creation in the up-tempo swell,


but he cannot afford to think—

all crumbles to analysis.

* My latest contribution to the wonderful One Shot Poetry Wednesdays! Once you’ve had a look, check out some of the other One Shot Poets as well–they’re a skilled bunch of poets, with a strong and supportive community.  Enjoy! And while you’re at it – vote for us in the Shorty Awards…we have a chance to take Number 1 in Art!

21 thoughts on “To Compose

  1. Truth in metaphor, Chris. Sitting at the monster – an act of tearing it up. Feeling your soul flow through your arms and shooting power out of your fingers – makes being a pianist addictive. My Baby Grand – that song’s no joke. At the end of the day, the passion is the music and how it pours out of you.

    Writing poems very similar but less physical and more emotional I would say. Still you got it all in here. Great write.
    Gay @beachanny

  2. What Gay said.. The Valkyrie motif fits in well with my own snowy mood today. And the last line–“all crumbles in analysis” the biggest peril–over-writing and over-thinking.

  3. Reminds me of Wagner and Nietzche quotations, yet with a poetic voice unique to Chris G. with telling imagery and philosophical import. “piercing stars, like silver tears rain” Home run. That line got to me.

  4. Causing pain

    is the nature of the note—

    You had me on those first two lines Chris and then the piece seems to crescendo until you tie it up beautifully at the end. Really enjoyed reading this one.

  5. The composer (or any artist for that matter) as a vessel for transmission of a work of art. And yes, he cannot afford to think or the process will be interrupted. Great oen shot, Chris!

  6. Creation is an art (with implications too ofcourse)… the creator may have the best intentions at heart… but.. (sigh)

    Loved where this poem took me, Chris… a web of words which I actually enjoyed getting tangled in…

    A superb composition for OSW!

  7. I fully agree with Shashi about that line “pianist sits…prepaired for murder”

    The entire thing is quite captivating. Ironic that you said you weren’t “quite so musical” on your comment to me.

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