Time Covers All

By Iquanyin Moon, for One Shoot Sunday.

I cannot see you anymore.


It ends in solitude,

The salient serration of your survival

Severed all trace of tactile touch—

I reached for you and you recoiled till

Whispers on the lovers’ trail

Turned it all to desert and to dust—

You went alone into the waste.


You are naked to me,

Wind-blown wraith wreathed in

Dust—blow, ye wind blow, for you

Are nothing, breaths and breathing

Touch upon the earth and fade away—

Just footsteps sifting in the sand

And Time.


Time covers all.

*This poem is a response to the latest of One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt challenges. This week’s featured picture was provided by i-Phoneographer Iquanyin Moon, who I interviewed for this week’s One Shoot Sunday. Check out her wonderful work, her insights, and some great poetry…


14 thoughts on “Time Covers All

  1. A sad truthful ending to life IMO. The recoil in the beginning works with the s-alliteration with slithering sound, asp-like. And in the end, all previous mentions are reduced to nothing. One’s moment in time reduced to tracks that nature erases… Also reminds me of Egypt.

    Outstanding interview today too—looks awesome on WP!

  2. ..turned it all to desert and to dust.. and… you are naked to me, wind-blown wraith wreathed..
    how amazingly you capture the loneliness in this picture chris – and thanks for the outstanding interview

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  6. You are quite a wordsmith, Chris!! The moment I start reading your poems, I am pulled into the vortex of your amazing wordplay and the stark images you manage to create with it!!
    This was a fantastic take on this lovely picture prompt.. it seemed to be the very definition of the picture really!
    Awesome stuff!!

  7. Solitude … and it all fades away. …touch the earth and fade away. Yes, very descriptive of the photo and our short time here on earth. We exit alone and any traces we leave behind, slowly fade. Brings me to mind of Rilke and some of his poetic thoughts…

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