The All-Song

Beneath the microscope

metaphysics sang,

the organism of



shameless self

altered secretless

wisdoms in non-judgment

to the scope of everything.

* My latest contribution to the wonderful One Shot Poetry Wednesdays! Once you’ve had a look, check out some of the other One Shot Poets as well–they’re a skilled bunch of poets, with a strong and supportive community.  Enjoy! And while you’re at it – vote for us in the Shorty Awards…we have a chance to take Number 1 in Art!

31 thoughts on “The All-Song

  1. nicely done…its a scary place to be under the microscope…unless of course you have nothing to hide…but on that level you see how much we really are all the same…and yet unique

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  3. There is great beauty in scientific study and observation. While to a scientist with a passion for their field (not clinical number crunchers) to listen to he or she speak of the wonders they attempt to describe or quantify, I always get the sense of a metaphysical awe. As if there is so much complexity to recognize that a defined or focused study attempts to understand just a small part of a much grander gestalt. Your poem also speaks to the quest to objectify knowledge, when to do so, a given reference point must be selected among many, or a refined consideration of scope as you mention. Deep poem, Chris. Agree with hedgewitch, a rereading is warranted, as well as rewarding.

  4. What a beautiful way to say we micro-examine ourselves, then see the entire beauty of us..
    This is one of those pieces one likes to read and re-read and just absorb the beauty of the lines.
    Well done for the One Shot!
    Very much enjoyed this poem.

  5. Oohh… when we rid ourselves from scrutiny, and mingle and exchange our minds with nature’s beauty and her vivid images, I think that’s when we feel most free…

    A very refreshing read, Chris… succinct and so true!!

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