A crumb cannot sustain

no more than a man abstain

in his own right thinking

he can escape the linking

of opinion – it’s like drinking

in how it struck,

without the luck;

At least the bottle throws a bone,

table-scraps of joy, alone;

some people, they cry

don’t dream of heaven, but they lie:

ain’t a man that ever did die

didn’t sniff it up like cocaine–

once, the thought, even in disdain.

* My latest contribution to the wonderful One Shot Poetry Wednesdays! Once you’ve had a look, check out some of the other One Shot Poets as well–they’re a skilled bunch of poets, with a strong and supportive community.  Enjoy!


18 thoughts on “Sustain

  1. you captured this hopelessness really good – the broken dreams and hopes you try to discuss or drink away and deny until they catch up with you one day..
    sniffing it up like cocaine – loved this

  2. Chris… You know I love your poetry… But this one just makes me sad. It’s well written, but maybe because I personally know you, it just makes me wanna give you a hug.

  3. The ending lends itself to different interpretations. Makes me ponder the commonality of hopeful dreams juxtaposed with heart-rending despair, consuming the melancholy of being lead by and trapped in certain thought patterns. Excellent depth, and very well written, CG, as if both elements of condemnation and pity are evoked.

  4. At least the bottle throws a bone,
    table-scraps of joy, alone;

    Very rhythmic and meaningful. I liked so many pieces of this (as the one I listed above) and as
    a whole it resonates with sadness and yet, as we
    have learned from history, sadness is sometimes justified…sadly.

  5. When hopelessness creeps up the marrow, everything and nothing seems right! The tautness of your words says it all too well, Chris..
    Very powerful poetry, my friend!! Pains the mind to even imagine such a thing happening to someone… but it does, to some people, at certain times.. (sigh)

  6. At least the bottle throws a bone – now there’s a line I wish I’d written. Interesting rhyme scheme, is it a particular form? Very emotive, well written piece.

  7. A very powerful piece. I particularly like these lines: At least the bottle throws a bone, table-scraps of joy, alone.

    Whether real or imagined, the feeling of being alone is the same.

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