Red-lettered Visions

Photo by Kevin "KJ" Halliday.

Bathe Me

in red-lettered caress

Wash this

dream of verity away

Submerge me

in the passage of time

Drown me

in the swirl of life

I am Sinking

in achromatic haze.

* This piece was inspired by the above photograph – this week’s photo prompt over at One Stop Poetry  for another wonderful One Shoot Sunday. The photographer is KJ Halliday, an Australian photographer with some great insights and fantastic shots. If you’re interested in the man, or in taking up the photo challenge, check out my interview with him today.


15 thoughts on “Red-lettered Visions

  1. red is a very powerful color isn’t it? So many emotions and images that pull apart and bring together…I love how you did just this as you spoke of the deep places of this lone woman. Your poem swirls as the picture and the ‘swirl of life’ you talk about too.

    I must thank you too for your in-depth and thoughtful response to my poem too! Thank you.

  2. Such simple stark phrasing pulling so many emotions to mind. Simple and stark because it does not need an excess of words, it is perfect poetry in it’s purest form.

  3. Wow, Chris! A brief but powerful passage to salvation–as I noted one of the tags you used. A baptism sort of? With the waters of life and its passions, to be submerged and drowned, for in the deep is an “achromatic haze” where red (life’s verities) loses all power! Wow!

    And thanks for your insightful interview of KJ.

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