East meet West

Photo by Danielle Kelly, "Coney Island Mermaid Parade"

Veiled visions copulate

Between realities of bodies

Grinding against the backdrop

Eternity laid bare before the gown,

East meet West under the shade

Of world watching, still unseen

Mulling mass forget: I am.

* A response to the photo prompt from One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry and the talented Danielle Kelly, a New York photographer I recently interviewed. For the interview, the prompt and a whole mess of lovely photography and poetic replies, give One Stop a look!


12 thoughts on “East meet West

  1. This is awesome and brilliantly written. =) You said the way I wish I could. I have a loooong way to follow until I can express myself this way.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for you lovely comment on my blog. =)

    Take care and keep smiling. =*

  2. Excellent write, Chris. In addition to the well-phrased innuendo, you combine elements that are universal, cultural, and on a human level. Another excellent interview too!

  3. Very nice creative poem today. I don’t think I will ever be able to write like you seasoned poets. But, I am so much enjoying reading each ones poems.

    Nice interview with Danielle today. Like her I can’t draw worth a cent. So I enjoy using photos for my artwork. However, my photos are not art in the sense of the word “artwork.” My photos are just for fun.

  4. “Eternity laid bare before the gown” Wow! Chris, what depth of imagery and thought. And the whole poem is nothing but such a universe you laid out so masterfully. Thank you and thanks for an excellent interview with Danielle Kelly!

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