They would not toy with it, nor move it by and by,

for some irredeemable quality smothered within the sheet,

the colored tape amidst a sea of flashing life cries,

this rainbow city borne on secret chambers of the heart

no monitors nor viewfinders might seek,

and such writhe the passion, blinding hot,

its heaven lain beneath the glittering sheets,

fed upon the blood, all same scarlet–

they are mighty walls they raise between the dying and the dead,

but beneath the sheet, the flash enfolds

the bone, always bone–

the city all men walk, though the hearts might beat them down

and grind them into dust.

* My contribution to the last One Shot Poetry Wednesday before the New Year! One I wrote several months ago, during a philosophical bent following a rather long and heated discussion between several friends on man, and the world, and all that fun stuff.

And as an aside, let me just take a moment to thank you all for all the support you’ve shown this year, both to me, and to One Stop Poetry. It’s been great delving into the online poetry community, and to find so many of you so willing and supportive of reading, and sharing the art we all love. I hope the year has been as good for you as it has for me.

I know I look forward to seeing more of what you have to offer in the days to come – and I hope you all continue to enjoy what you find here in my humble little den.

Cheers, everyone.


18 thoughts on “Colorless

  1. Your lines read inspired and disprove the initial label through colorful descriptions… prompted me to think death shows no favoritism and sought freedom may prove proportional to taking risks.

  2. nice verse chris and i like your brief reflection as well…you have come a long way this year…and thank you for your commitment to one stop…you bring excellence to the table…

  3. This is incredible…so many images of death. I’ve really enjoyed becoming a part of One Shot Wednesday–had meant to participate in the contest but time seemed to defeat me on this one. Thanks for a great poem and blog.

  4. Very powerful words, Chris. To me, this has a feel of the Nature beneath all life. And great images, especially in the last two lines. Thanks for the new year wishes, and the same to you.

  5. Yes, Chris, I like the way you meshed the city into the man but felt in the end it was a description of New York and how it’s always being crushed and demolished for something newer, more high tech, more colorful, more enticing, a temptress soaring out of concrete. I could be wrong. Hedgewitch said it best of all the comments I think; I liked this piece a lot. Gay @beachanny

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