Plastic Wreaths

Standing among the plastic wreaths he

searches desperately for life denied

but the rows stretch on into

foreboding; the synthetic

green grows into a maze,

amazing, and he sees the

clerk smiling at him–

no consolation in

the shrubbery

creeping to


7 thoughts on “Plastic Wreaths

  1. you know – i’m quite nature bound when it comes to christmas decoration – so i would never ever have wreaths or a christmas tree out of plastic – and this reads to me a bit like a horror poem with all the plastic grabbing and wanting to bury me…grin…maybe it was meant this way – maybe it’s just me…smiles

  2. Yep. my mother hates those plastic christmas tree’s
    I didn’t, we kids were the poor unfortunate one who had to pick up all the needles. lol
    this is a great write, thoroughly enjoyed this

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