Subconscious Bedlam

There is a light beyond this tunnel

Sifting reason

Inner treason

Of worlds, unimaginable, I drink

And dip into the rush of thought

At peace, the body lie,

In state the mind, a child

In a gunslinger spaceman drifting through the stars

The cavalcade of imagination

Stokes the fires of the waking.

* This week’s submission to the Monday Poetry Potluck, as hosted by those lovely poets Amanda and Kavita!


21 thoughts on “Subconscious Bedlam

  1. Good God, man.. your words are just spellbinding!! This one DEFINITELY stoked the fires of my imagination, AND the child in me as well!
    Absolutely superb, Chris! Each and every line was line the description of at least one dream I get! And no, I shall not apply reason to them.. 🙂 They are just meant to be.. Dreams!

  2. I drink

    And dip into the rush of thought…

    elegant writing…Thanks for the magical contribution to potluck…
    Happy Monday!


  3. First poem to ever make me think of both John Wayne and Ziggy Stardust. lol Seriously, brilliant writing. Imagery throughout is excellent, especially in those last lines. Cheers

  4. it started already with the title..subconscious.. then the tunnel and your words took me to another world…i found me drifting through the stars, back to childhood and i hated that it stopped so soon…great write chris

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