Never seen Mountains

Keeping to a “short but sweet” theme that seems to be overarching my poetry this week, I give you a Haiku. Enjoy:

Never seen Mountains;

the inner is higher than

without: nothing known.


Posted in conjunction with the Thursday Poets Rally.

And by the by, as a part of that, I nominate Kavita! Read any of her stuff. You’ll quickly figure out why.


17 thoughts on “Never seen Mountains

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  2. I’m not sure I got the right meaning here, not knowing sometimes makes you with better inner? Feeling high as the mountains you’ve never seen? but I like the ending … made me read it over and over to figure it out 🙂 Nothing is known if I’m right or wrong .. still the mountains look beautiful.

  3. ah you haven’t sth new yet …. yesterday i read your haiku without knowing it has to be 5 – 7 – 5 syllables – now after writing my first haiku, i look at it with the eyes of a specialist…LOL
    you’re great chris!!

    • Haha, ah yes, now you too can be a Haiku specialist! They’re always fun to play around with – thanks for the compliment Claudia. I know I’ve not got anything new yet. Busy day about here. I’ll probably have something up tomorrow though!

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