By and Copyright: Trent Chau

Desolate banks

into the dawn enfold, the secret:

life runs through it

in the silence and the rush,

burrowing deep, Elysian bedrock—

there is never nothing in Wonderland.

*For One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry–the prompt today is a picture by the talented Trent Chau, a Georgia-based photographer. Beautiful shot – I found the words came rushing right out of it. Check out my interview with him when you get a chance – very insightful guy!

9 thoughts on “Elysium

  1. “The secret…Elysian bedrock…” you’ve found it, Chris! Thanks for sharing the depths and the soaring height of the the picture.

  2. elysian bedrock ~ great line ~
    caught me a few times ~ pedalling back
    and then that last line said it all
    ‘there is never nothing at all in WOnderland’
    Stunning ~ ~ Lib ~

  3. a wonderful read. beautiful from beginning to end… the images, metaphors, the language –

    I, like the others who’ve commented, love the “life runs through it” line and “Elysian bedrock”… thanks for sharing.

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