Just a moment

If you would—

Never dread the dedications

Just a moment for a lifetime

Bubble “D” for destiny—

All suits and servility,

Master of the masterless

Hordes your own deception

Initial here to sign

This life into the hands

Of an angry world.

Not to worry—

You weren’t using it.

* For The Thursday Poets Rally, Week 33.

21 thoughts on “Standardized

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  3. Loved the little twist of the knife in the finale. Nothing like doubling back for more of what you weren’t sure of the first time you saw it. Strong word choice although I thought you could have put a line space before the last two lines to give it an extra beat before the finish but that is minor in a poem as well written as this. Very slick.


  4. wow, that’s some bleakness there in that ending. the language of restraint and courtesy in this underscores the sense of the piece wonderfully. and the title says it all.

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