Late evening sunshine

reflects on the glass tray;


the breeze, blowing off the beach

brings flowers through the window;


tidied hands leave the pitcher

at the shelf beside the bed;


alcohol on the rise

brings dinner visions;


how many meals shared

by barebacks under the clouded ceiling;


the immaculate white sheets

are the only virgin here.

* My latest contribution to the wonderful One Shot Poetry Wednesdays! Once you’ve had a look, check out some of the other One Shot Poets as well– they’re a skilled bunch of poets, looking to form a community and support one another.  Enjoy!

21 thoughts on “Honeymoon

  1. Hmmm quite the honeymoon memories by the beach; who came before???

    Nicely crafted Chris

    thanks for the One Shot

    moonie smiles

  2. Oh maaaaaaaaaaannn… You really have a way with words, Chris… and a fantastic way at that!!!
    Those last 2 lines revealed another plethora of stories that go with them!! Phhhewwww… and all that attention to detail.. too good!!

    A real neat One Shot!!
    Now, come to think of it, my shot is kinda on similar lines…. ooohh… that’s odd!! 🙂

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