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Windows on the world

Of this eternal light, this city brimming

With memory of massacre and masochistic

Delight, windows on a soul of fire

Brimming in the depths of those saluted,

Stirring in the sweat of the backs stretched forth in greeting,

These limbs, outstretched beneath your crumbling walls,

Drew cloth and steel against the flesh, your stone

Prison and theater, the spotlighted cell,

All eyes alive with the flames of your passion,

Round and round they circled, and still you writhe

With the congress of madness given yet delight

In all those souls who looked within and without

Your shudderless windows.

* Another poem for the wonderful Monday Poetry Potluck, as hosted by Jingle Poetry, and those lovely poets Amanda and Kavita! This week’s theme: Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments–for which I obviously chose the Roman Colosseum.

13 thoughts on “Colosseum

  1. Dear Chris,cloth and steel against the flesh…

    love every single WORDS on this, you have done a extraordinary job in portraying the downfall of a building, with implication in reality….

    thanks for the support to our potluck fun, your contribution adds light to our collections.

    here is one of my entries,
    a poetry award 4 you and thank you for your support on week 9 potluck fun.

  2. This was a fascinating read, Chris! I actually shuddered on reading the last line! I was kinda HOPING that someone write on the Colosseum.. and I am super glad you did!! And you did soooo good! I really liked the way you have portrayed all the dreadful stuff that had to occur (behind the curtains sorta)!
    A very fine piece… couldn’t have been any better!
    Thanks for writing and sharing this one, Chris… (heartfelt)

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