Let it Out


Picture Prompt from Writer's Island

Salt scores the wounds of Knowing

And I am submerged, screaming

Let it out, break the being and the body

Carry past the bindings of this time, this place

Insubstantial, inconsequential existence

Just flesh, just thought

The thought flows on, and on,

Endless stream—

Follow it to the source

I might return to soaring

Through the wind and waves,

Breathe in,

A touch, a stroke

Inky ocean dip my essence

To this majesty, this space

Unknown, memory perhaps

That was and wasn’t,

Grinding in my fingertips,

The grainy sands of resolution—

The seagulls cry is carrying me away,

Banishing the self

Beneath expressions of desire.

Recoiling, find, a world

About the ankles—

Never, ever, all about

This dream, my fantasy

Escaping mere


* Let it out was inspired by the above picture prompt from Writer’s Island, but is my submission to the good people at Jingle’s Thursday Poet’s Rally.

25 thoughts on “Let it Out

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  3. A wonderful piece to get lost in. I think you’ve very effectively depicted the ethereal quality of the moments you capture in this work. The flow is gentle, but not too meandering; the rhythm controlled… my favourite line: Recoiling, find, a world/ About the ankles… Great job.

  4. Have you ever been lost between reality and fantasies? It is probably the WORST thing I´ve ever done… And to be honest, I don´t know which I prefer the best, cuz now, at this very moment of my life they both look very alike.

    I loved your entry, really.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    Lu Ann

  5. Thought is indeed an endless stream and carries us so far beyond our selves into worlds undreamed.

    This is lovely, and yes, full of many ideas which are themselves worth fleshing out in other pieces perhaps. This piece, I think, has already transcended its origins in a picture. Very good!

  6. Very good. So many vivid pictures you painted. With, strong messages.

    I enjoyed this poem very much and looking forward to reading more of your work.


    Oh Yea! Thanks for the note on my blog~


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