Midnight Mountain Ride

Midnight ring

nightingale screech of metal grind

vestiges of slumber—

in silent Chaos writhe

the World all sheltered black,

this Veil, it doth descend

betwixt the Heavens and the Earth

no more Fire, no more Song

yet Dappled Emeralds gleam

throughout the Haze of Waking

this World rise, Higher and Higher

tilting back, breathing in

the clouds, circling pull

Dream yet from Reality

and Everything of this Canvas,

rides Higher still into the Night

Destination: World

set it all below, and looking down

bask within the Golden River Shadow

of History shaped and cast

into the Towers of Majesty

Beyond Imagination—

the Stars and the Sea,

no King might ever rise

so High as thee.

* Another poem for the wonderful Monday Poetry Potluck, as hosted by Jingle Poetry, and those lovely poets Amanda and Kavita! The theme this week was mountains and beaches, and I couldn’t help but think back to my most recent venture in Colorado. This one was inspired by my time there in the summer–I hope you enjoy! Hope you don’t mind that I also took the opportunity to throw in some more of my pictures from that trip, even if they don’t match up quite specifically with the poem itself.


14 thoughts on “Midnight Mountain Ride

  1. I love Colorado,
    they have snow mountains in June, very breath taking..
    I used to travel pass it and went all the way to Salt Lake City, cool places to be,
    Glad to have you share your experience with us.

  2. The poem does have a dreamlike feel, right from the title – mountains in daylight are majestic, at night…

    I loved “Haze of Waking” and

    “bask within the Golden River Shadow
    of History shaped and cast”

  3. this was absolutely full of passion…wow chris… breathing in

    the clouds…makes me wanna take my bike and ride uphill until i can touch the sky…stirring write!

  4. The photos are gorgeous. Mountains are so inspiring.

    Your poem was wonderful.

    “Destination: World” – that image will stay with me – just gorgeous!

  5. Wow! What a poem. Very beautifully written. Simply fabulous.

    shubho bijoyadashami (Happy vijayadashami)! May the Goddess fill your life up with beauty and happiness

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